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The Most Worshipful Omega Grand Lodge came into existence after some of the Brothers wanting to wanted more than what was being offered by the Lodge at the time The first discussion on the forming of a new Grand Lodge took place on Sunday July 05, 1970 at the home of Brother Charles Jacobs. A lodge that would truly be what masonry is suppose to be. 

Present at this first meeting were the following Brothers: Henry Jefferson, Paul Garner, Paul Young, Charles Jones, Eustace Jones, Walter Young, Richard Davis, Remus Hunter, Bingham Patton, Ruffin Green                                                               

The consensus was that there should be an organization that would make a difference and it should be led by men that in fact wanted to make a difference, not only amongst themselves but also in the community at large. Brother Jacobs was asked to be the first Grand Master of the new lodge. He said he would consider doing this, but would have to speak to some other Brothers who could be of help to him.                    

Brother Jefferson came up with the name OMEGA, when asked why, he said it should be the ‘last chance for a decent Grand Lodge in New York’. All the Brothers agreed on this name. Brother Jefferson also said that no Lodge in New York was incorporated and he felt that this new Lodge should be.

The First meeting of the Omega Grand Lodge of New York was held on August 8, 1970 in room 210, at 181 w. 135th street in New York City. It was here that Bro. Jacobs, was introduced as the Grand Master, to all the Brothers. Present at this meeting were the following Lodges. A.J.Jones Lodge #1, Omega Lodge #2, Jacob Ladder Lodge #3, a total of 20 Brothers were present for this initial meeting.

A petition was made to the Enoch Grand Lodge of California for a patent to work and organize a grand Lodge, this was done with the Grand Master Joseph S. Pough.

On October 16, 1970, the Most Worshipful Omega Grand Lodge was installed by the Honorable Joseph S. Pough, in ceremony held at 160 W 129th Street in New York City. Initially three lodges formed the quorum, A. J. Jones Lodge # 1 (formerly Lebanon Lodge #1) of Staten Island, Omega Lodge #2, and Westgate Lodge #3.

The Officers of the new Grand Lodge were:

MW Grand Master Charles Jacobs

RW Dep. Gr. Master Ruffin Green

RW Gr. Sr. Warden Richard Davis

RW Gr. Jr. Warden Paul Young

RW Gr. Treasurer Bingham Patton

RW Gr. Secretary Henry Jefferson 

All were duly installed by the MW Grand Master Joseph S. Pough of Enoch Grand Lodge of California. And the Lodge was dust consecrated and made whole. Ready for work. The Grand Master outlined his program. First order of business was to affiliate with the United Supreme Council of California, Sov. Gr. Commander the Illustrious, Joseph S. Pough, 33’. A trip was organized to attend the meeting of the council, he was accompanied by Brother Paul Young.

The Brothers then proceeded to build on the foundation that they had set for themselves. Building a better Grand Lodge and better men. After the Grand Lodge was set up and functioning the Oriental Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, who were also looking for a new Grand Lodge to be affiliated with asked to come under the umbrella of the Most Worshipful Omega Grand Lodge. All Brother agreed to this and the Sister joined the Brothers.

At its third communication The Omega Grand Lodge was composed as follows:                        

A.J.JONES Lodge #1, 57 BROTHERS                               Omega Lodge #2, 40 Brothers                                            Westgate Lodge #3, 17 Brothers                                      Lester Lodge # 4(buffalo, NY), 21 Brothers                      Celestial Brotherhood Lodge #5, 28 Brothers                        Honor Lodge #6, 48 Brothers                                          Martin Luther King Lodge #7 (buffalo, NY), 38 Brothers         Sons of Light Lodge #10, 21 Brothers                                Aaron Lodge #11,  8 Brothers                                          Alpha Lodge #8,  5 Brothers

These are the Lodges that started the Grand Lodge on its way to make a difference in New York Masonic Community. From that time to the present the Omega Grand Lodge has continued to make it's presence known. There have been many changes. There have been many setbacks. There have been many controversies and adversities, but still the Grand Lodge continues. It has cemented itself internationally and has sowed many relationships throughout the world. It has started on a new phase of reaching out to the many Grand Lodges inside and outside its jurisdiction under the guidance and leadership of its present Grand Master Louis A. Daly, its goal is Universal Masonic Fraternity.

At its annual communication the following Brothers were elected to be the principle Officers of the Most Worshipful Omega Grand Lodge for the year 2010-2011

Most Worshipful Grand Master Louis A. Daly

RW Deputy Grand Master Ralph Chambliss

RW Sr. Grand Warden Aubrey Parks

RW Jr. Grand Warden James Warner

RW Grand Treasurer Abraham Thomas

RW Grand Secretary Andrew Reid

The work and mission continues.